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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hello, and thanks for stopping by. My name is Michael Lee, and I'm the writer of the new, newly relaunched and improved, FDA Blog.

I created FDA Blog to do original reporting on the world's most important regulatory agency. Many apologies to anyone who was following FDA Blog last summer; let's just say that a baby, while a wonderful addition to any home, is downright lethal to a new blog, especially if she comes a little early. Fortunately, Charlotte is doing great and has even learned to sleep through the night.

FDA Blog is a little experiment and a labor of love. By day I'm a San Francisco parent, J2EE programmer, and part-time independent media journalist. I drink raw milk, I proudly voted for Barack Obama, and I believe very strongly in a woman's right to choose. Social entrepreneurship excites me and I'm simply fascinated by the potential of cleantech and personal genomics to transform our world. If you absolutely must stoop to labels, call me an unapologetic progressive at a time when the Glenn Becks of the universe are doing their best to make that into a dirty word.

I'm doing FDA Blog because I believe that money has too much influence on the newsmedia, and that it's our duty as American citizens to contribute what we can in areas we feel passionately about.

Of late, I have become particularly concerned about the lack of news coverage of the Food and Drug Administration. According to Harvard Professor Daniel Carpenter, the FDA is "the most powerful regulatory agency in the world".

Yet while it is supposed to use that power to protect consumers from impure foods and predatory companies, some have recently charged that the FDA is enforcing regulations that have disproportionate effects on local food producers and innovative startups in favor of industrial agribusiness and Big Pharma respectively. Others believe the FDA should in fact be granted the authority to legislate what we can and cannot eat, and to regulate our access to the human genome itself.

Whatever your position on these matters, they are issues of tremendous importance and they deserve dedicated coverage. Ergo, FDA Blog.

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